Fill and Repair Concrete Joints With Ease

Cracks or gaps in your concrete floors are more than just aesthetic problems—they can also impact the safety of your workers. At KEVCO, Inc., we specialize in filling concrete joints and cracks, as well as sealing your surfaces when we’re done. Discover just how important joint fillers are below. And if you need your concrete surfaces cared for, call us right away.

Why You Need Smooth, Crack-Free Joints

Whether it’s for machinery traffic or walkways in pharmaceutical labs, smooth surfaces improve both safety and efficiency in your facility. The problem is that over time, the joints beneath those surfaces can deteriorate. This leads to your floors cracking and breaking.

These hazards can also cause several other problems, including:

  • Inefficient operations—machinery such as forklifts work best and fastest when they can move over continuous, interruption-free floors. Cracked or degraded surfaces act as speed bumps, slowing both these vehicles and your operations all at once. That inefficiency can impact your output and your bottom line.

  • Extensive damage—cracks and faded joints are more than just signs of a surface in need of repair. They can also damage your equipment. Take your machinery for example. Every time your vehicles roll over those cracks, the wheels become susceptible to damage. Over time, the deterioration can tear up your wheels. That can put your vehicle out of commission—which means you’ll have to pay for repairs to both the machinery and the cracks in your floors.
  • Health and safety concerns—every time a machinery operator rolls over a crack in your floors, they are putting themselves at risk of back problems. The same goes for on-foot traffic—cracks and gaps are tripping hazards, which can be particularly problematic in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Work With KEVCO to Fill Your Concrete Joints

KEVCO’s joint-filling techniques can eliminate all those problems while boosting the strength and integrity of your floors.

Our team uses a semi-rigid filler to do the job. This method is perfect for two reasons. First, once it cures, it will be stiff enough to hold up against high traffic, whether from feet or from machinery. Second, the filler remains fluid enough to separate when joints open or deteriorate, meaning it’ll help prevent future cracks and keep your surfaces smooth.

See us for concrete joint filling for these industries:

  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities
  • Packaging and storage areas
  • Warehouses
  • Food and pharmaceutical plants

Take Proper Care of Your Surfaces

At KEVCO, we strive to take the best care of your surfaces. After all, we know how they can impact your bottom line. So whether you need cracks and joints filled or you’re looking to seal and waterproof your floors, we’re the team to call.

Contact us today for a free consultation and get started.