Protect Your Surfaces (and Your Bottom Line) With CreteClean Concrete Floor Cleaner

To keep Ashford Formula-densified or polished concrete looking its best year after year, KEVCO, Inc. recommends using CreteClean Plus with Scar Guard—the only concrete floor cleaner recommended by the manufacturer.

Benefits include:

  • Chemically attracting and suspending dirt and oil to prevent resettling on floor surfaces
  • Saving time, water, and wear and tear on equipment with rinse-free features
  • Suitability for use in automatic scrubbing machines
  • Promoting a natural sheen

  • Healing minor scratches and scrapes
  • A lifetime warranty—when maintained with CreteClean, the manufacturer offers a full warranty on your treated flooring

Easy to Use, Easy to Buy Concrete Floor Cleaner From KEVCO

Prepackaged doses of CreteClean are the easiest way to ensure proper use. There’s no guesswork or measuring—all you have to do is pour the cleaner into the appropriate size tank or bucket of water and scrub your way to better floors.

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