Epoxy Sealer – Where Strength Meets Aesthetics

Whether it’s in a commercial kitchen, a pharmaceutical facility, or storage area, you want your concrete floors to withstand heavy traffic and wear. Epoxy sealer treatments from KEVCO, Inc. fulfill that need—and look great doing it. See why our concrete solutions are as practical as they are beautiful here. And when you’re ready to upgrade your surfaces, give us a call.

What Is Epoxy Concrete Sealer?

It’s a system we use to help protect and strengthen your concrete floors. Using Resuflor™ from Sherwin-Williams, the process utilizes different elements to create a durable, slip-resistant surface you can be proud of, including:

  • Decorative colored quartz aggregates
  • High-solids epoxy resins
  • Chemical-resistant grout and topcoats

How You Will Benefit From KEVCO’s Epoxy Sealer

Ultimate Floor Protection

Resuflor helps surfaces resist everything from impacts to elevated temperatures. Plus, you can choose to add a fiberglass scrim to the formula to further increase the surface’s tensile strength and crack isolation.

Increased Safety

Thanks to the added traction and density of the grout and topcoats, Resuflor epoxy sealer is resistant to wear, slipping, chemicals, and stains. You can also opt for waterproofing and antimicrobial agents for added safety and strength.

Limitless Color Options

Whatever your brand looks like or whatever aesthetic you want to maintain, make it happen with Resuflor. From red and green to everything in between, you can rest easy knowing your floor will be as strong as it is gorgeous.

The Best Facilities for Resuflor Epoxy Floor Sealer

  • Commercial kitchen areas
  • Animal care facilities
  • Pharmaceutical labs
  • Locker rooms and restrooms
  • Packaging facilities
  • Storage areas

Let KEVCO Treat Your Floors, From Prep to Installation

The Resuflor system is so high quality that only approved contractors like KEVCO can install it. So when you work with us, you know you’re getting the very best.

We handle the complete process. We’ll start with our expert surface prep, which will help the Resuflor take hold and cure. This prep includes concrete blasting, inspection, and grinding.

The finished product is designed to last, but if you want added security, ask us about concrete maintenance and waterproofing, too. We do it all, so you don’t have to.

Contact KEVCO Today

Wondering if our epoxy sealer service is right for you? We’re happy to answer your questions. Contact us online today for expert advice and information.