High-Performance Flooring for Food and Pharmaceutical Facilities

Food manufacturing and healthcare facilities like hospitals and pharmaceutical labs are unique environments that require unique, high-performance flooring. At KEVCO, Inc., we understand this, and we have the expertise you need to create durable, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. Below, our flooring professionals share insight into how our solutions work—and how they can benefit you.

The Floor Coating Process

KEVCO partners with Flowcrete to pour chemical-resistant polyurethane resin floors that have a smooth matte finish. This floor system uses an antimicrobial called Polygiene®, which helps stop the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew. It’s the perfect solution for food and pharmaceutical packaging zones.

Plus, it’s available in different colors, letting you customize your floors to your brand.

How Do Our Floors Benefit You?

Healthy, Sterile Environments

Food manufacturing and healthcare facilities have to be hygienic, sanitary, and hold up against high traffic and wear-and-tear. KEVCO’s flooring solutions are designed to meet those criteria. They also actively fight against microorganisms that thrive in semi-wet zones like those for extra sterility.

Low-Maintenance Solutions

Our floors are easy to clean and sterilize, and are both non-tainting and non-dusting. They’re also highly resistant to abrasions, so even if something is dropped on them, you won’t be dealing with cracks or dents.

High-Performance Flooring

In addition to being built for high traffic, our floors are:

  • Heat resistant up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Available in a UV light-stable grade

Sustainably Created

KEVCO’s food- and pharmaceutical-grade floors are HACCP International Certified and have a low odor during application. And because they require little maintenance and repairs, they have a low impact on the environment—and can help you keep costs down.

Upgrade Your Floor Quality Today

Improve the health and safety of your facility today with high-performance flooring from KEVCO. Call us now at 262-788-5556 or contact us online.