How Polished Concrete Can Spruce Up Your Flooring

Looking for creative color or stain solutions for your facility’s surfaces? Polished concrete floors from KEVCO, Inc. are the perfect solution. Discover more about our process and solutions below, then call us for a free consultation.

What Is Polished Concrete?

The concrete polishing process helps add strength and style to your existing cement floors. Our experts offer Retro Plate surface grinding and finishing, which improves density and hardness while giving your surfaces a high, marble-like sheen. You’ll end up with beautiful and low-maintenance flooring that rivals natural stone at a fraction of the price.

And with limitless options for colors, stains, patterns, inlays, and aggregate exposure, polished cement flooring can be as fun as it is functional. It’s an ideal surface for a wide range of retail, commercial, corporate, and even food-processing facilities.

Polished Concrete—the Attractive Choice

More than a sleek appearance, this type of treated concrete offers many benefits, including:

  • Low-maintenance upkeep and durability
  • No need for waxing and stripping
  • High traction
  • Being rated for high traffic by the National Floor Safety Institute
  • Eliminating energy and material costs of applying a floor covering
  • Sustainability with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Reflectivity that improves ambient lighting and reduces energy needs for lighting
  • Reduction of dust mite, mold, and allergen problems

Polished Concrete Surfaces Shine in These Settings

  • Retail and corporate centers
  • Vehicle showrooms
  • Schools and universities
  • Museums

  • Industrial and manufacturing plants

  • Food production facilities

  • Storage facilities

Partner With KEVCO to Make the Most of Your Floors

Most commercial buildings sit on a concrete slab—one that can be transformed into a beautiful and colorful floor instead of being covered up. Ask KEVCO about polishing services that revitalize existing concrete. We offer a full range of surface treatments, as well as cleaning products and repairs, for floors that stand up to any challenge.

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