KEVCO and RetroPlate—the Best in Concrete Polishing

When you need concrete floors that look great without sacrificing any of its strength, turn to KEVCO, Inc. With the help of the RetroPlate concrete polishing system, our experts can literally help your surfaces shine—all while helping save you on maintenance costs. From retail and commercial spaces all the way to food processing facilities, KEVCO’s polishing services are exactly what you need.

What Is Concrete Polishing?

RetroPlate concrete polisher is a chemically reactive liquid. When added to existing concrete surfaces, the polish improves its density and hardness while also giving it a high, marble-like sheen. What you get is a stunning, dustproof, and easy-to-clean floor that’s polished and ready for high traction.

How Does Concrete Polishing and Restoration Benefit You?

A Beautiful Sheen

KEVCO can customize your floors to your specifications using fine diamond grits when polishing. Whether you want a flat, matte appearance or a highly polished, glossy finish, it’s all possible. RetroPlate polisher can also increase your floor’s light reflectivity by up to 30 percent.

Improved Density

Our concrete polishers physically penetrate your surfaces, helping harden and densify it. In fact, floors polished by KEVCO can be up to 21 percent stronger against impacts and up to 400 percent more resistant to abrasions than standard concrete surfaces.

Reduced Life Cycle Costs

We can polish both new and existing concrete, and once we do, there’s no need for re-application. It can be easily cleaned and is built for the long-term.


During the polishing process, we can add your personality to your floors with things like:

  • Colors
  • Logos
  • Designs
  • Patterns


In addition to being a one-time application, RetroPlate concrete polishing contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), helping cut down on pollution. It also enhances natural lighting, keeping your facilities lit without using more energy. Plus, the polish contributes to LEED points for sustainability.

Start Your Look With KEVCO, a Leading Concrete Polishing Contractor

Concrete flooring for high-traffic and high-performing facilities has to meet unique criteria. At KEVCO, we know this—and we work hard to meet and even exceed those expectations. For beautiful floors, give us a call today at 262-788-5556.