Concrete Surface Repair and Prep Builds a Strong Flooring Foundation

A good, strong concrete floor starts with a solid foundation. That’s why builders and businesses count on KEVCO, Inc. and our concrete surface repair and preparation methods. Discover more about our services below, then call us at 262-788-5556.

How We Repair and Prep Concrete Surfaces

To help prepare your floors for a stronger, long-lasting application, KEVCO’s experts use a moisture and vapor control system called KOSTER®. This method features a unique combination of epoxy resins and compounds that prepares new and existing concrete surfaces with high moisture for new floor-covering systems.

Using this, KEVCO can provide floor prep prior to installing many different types of flooring finishes, including:

  • Carpet
  • Carpet tile
  • Laminate, vinyl, and tile
  • Rubber sports floors

What Our Concrete Repair and Preparation Process Can Do for You

To give your floors the proper foundation for a solid, stronger surface, KEVCO can:

  • Remove existing floor finishes
  • Remove remaining adhesives and mortars
  • Utilize moisture vapor shotblasting

Prepare Your Concrete the Right Way

KEVCO is the company more contractors and facility managers trust for safe, durable floors. That starts with concrete surface repair and preparation.

So start your flooring process here—call 262-788-5556 or contact us online.