Concrete Repairs and Resurfacing Services to Restore Industrial Floors

KEVCO, Inc. has the experience builders and businesses count on to install industrial concrete flooring that looks great and lasts for decades. We also have the expertise needed to repair and resurface existing concrete that’s flawed, failing, and affecting how you work.

Why It Pays to Prevent and Repair Damaged Concrete Floors

Damaged concrete is far more than just a cosmetic problem—repairing a cracked, spalling, stained, or uneven floor positively impacts your bottom line in many ways:

  • Eliminates tripping and safety hazards
  • Improves efficiency of foot and forklift traffic
  • Decreases dust and contamination
  • Cleans easily to reduce dirt and bacteria
  • Enhances appearance and perception of quality

Expert Concrete Restoration Services

KEVCO’s resurfacing services can make old concrete like new for far less than it costs to replace. We are committed to delivering quality, cost-effective solutions that restore safety, structural integrity, and pride in your workplace:

  • Warehouse and distribution centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial facilities
  • Retail outlets and shopping centers
  • Vehicle showrooms
  • Schools

Fast, Reliable Concrete Service

Trust KEVCO to repair and protect the floors you work on, with as little disruption as possible and a level of quality and professionalism you won’t find anywhere else. Our promise is as strong as our products and we guarantee that every product will perform above and beyond your expectations.

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